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There are two sets of parameters used in FogBugzPd.
  • Web.Config
  • Settings in GUI


These values are in <AppSettings> section of Web.Config.

FogBugz_Url Where u installed FogBugz, like ""
FogBugz_Username Username of a fogbugz users that will be used to pull information out of FogBugz. Preferrably this user should have administrative privileges and only used for FogBugzPd. So creating a user "fogbugz" would make the most sense. But you can use any already existing user also.
FogBugz_Password Password used for user from row above
LocalLogin_Enabled Allows you to enable/disable LocalLogin. If you are installing FogBugzPd behind firewall not accessible externally, you can disable LocalLogin, so users will bypass login screen
LocalLogin_Username Local username used for FogBugzPd login
LocalLogin_Password Password used for FogBugzPd login
HIdeSettings Hides Settings button

Settings in GUI

These values are stored in Database

Resolved (Verified) Status Case status when it is verified by QA team
Use Sub-Projects For grouping of all the cases under specific parent
Sub-Project Tag Tag name for sub-project parent cases
Use QA Estimates Get test estimates from custom field for each case
QA Percentage Percentage of time per case that will be spent on testing. Calculated based on estimated/elapsed development time. Visible when "Use QA Estimates" is disabled.
QA Estimate Custom Field Name Name of custom field for testing estimate. Stores a number in minutes. Visible only if "Use QA Estimates" is enabled.
Integrate with Test Rail Enable TestRail integration
TestRail - Url Url of TestRail API
TestRail - Token Token used to access TestRail API

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ericpopivker Apr 3, 2014 at 9:46 AM 
TestRail integration should work for either.

rustyspark Oct 23, 2013 at 2:09 PM 
Is the TestRail integration available for "TestRail for your Server" or only for "TestRail Hosted"?